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“We strive toward a goal, and whether we achieve it or not is important, but it’s not what’s most important. What matters is how we move toward that goal.” (Scott Jurek)

Article published on 12 November 2015
last modification on 2 April 2016

by A. Chines

AKIN-PRO in an engineering design office doing CAD 3D-realisations of special machines, integrated solutions to existent systems, product reviews.

Active in the aerospace, locomotive and manufacture industries, with a lot of reactivity and the know-how acquired in over 20 years, AKIN-PRO may help customers implement projects following procedural specifications, assist and/or extend the idea to the project and from the project to its implementation.

Special machines and specific tools for handling (hoisting, conveying, moving); for automated or manual welding, spot, continuously or projection; grippers for precise positioning, glue spread, automatic welding with fixed guns; modification or enhancement of existing fixtures and tools; realisation of details and equipment plans; development of new products ... and so on

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on 4 April 2016
by A. Chines